Great Wolf Proposed Hotel and Water Park Development in Chesterton

In case you missed the exhibitions given by Great Wolf they have provided the Exhibition Boards online here.

The outline proposal site plan is shown below

Great Wolf have asked residents for feedback via their own form by 1st July 2019  However, as this appears both vague and rather biased towards Great Wolf it is recommended that a personal letter (per individual, not per household), clearly stating your objection in the opening sentence, be submitted to Great Wolf via email or post.



Great Wolf Resorts

49 Greencoat Place




We ask that any feedback on the proposed development be shared with the Parish Council, by contacting/emailing the clerk at:

The Clerk

Chesterton Parish Council

The Community Centre,

2 Geminus Road,


Oxon, OX26 1BJ.

We have created a dedicated email address for Great Wolf correspondence which is

Following this initial feedback, they will seek to engage further with us over the summer, ahead of a second round of exhibitions in September. They will present their revised proposals at these events, which will reflect the a) conversations that they had with the public during the June exhibitions, b) the written feedback received and c) discussions with local stakeholders in the coming months. The plans will also provide further detail in terms of design as they continue to engage with Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council.


A document has been compiled containing some of the many valid objection points raised to date.  To view these click here.  Please do not be misled - this is NOT a public amenity, but a private 'resort', designed to attract residential guests from all over the country.  We have not yet been able to pin them down on whether any day passes will be available to local residents.  They stated very casually at one point that they may consider issuing a day pass to a local resident providing he/she phones two weeks in advance and the hotel is not looking to be at full capacity!  So the general public are by no means their main priority. DO NOT BE DECEIVED!


A brief initial document setting out the basic timeline of events up to the second round of GWR exhibitions in September has been created.  To view this click here.


The second action group meeting will be held in Chesterton Community Centre on Wednesday, 31st July 2019 at 7.30pm The first meeting was about agreeing our communications strategy, defining our objectives and the key audiences that we need to influence, and identifying the right channels through which to do this.  This second meeting will be to hear what has been achieved to date, and to clarify how we will be moving forward with the plan. Please come if you feel you would like to be involved at this stage in the process.  We look forward to seeing you there. Thank you on behalf of the Parish Council.


After a very successful second action group meeting, a third meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, 4th September at 7.30pm in Chesterton Community Centre. Here we will receive updates on fundraising efforts to date, progress made on lobbying, PR and communications, together with reports from our Planning and Environmental teams. The Parish Council will also update on progress with meetings and other communications with Joint Parishes, Councillors, and other supporting parties.


On 2nd July 2019, the following documents were forwarded to the Bicester Advertiser, the Oxford Mail and the Oxford Times for publication.  Press Release




The financial cost of fighting the Great Wolf proposal is likely to be high. There will undoubtedly be a requirement to employ the services of transport, planning and environmental consultants, not to mention substantial legal advice.  Necessary publicity material and merchandising will also add to the campaign costs. Naturally, the Parish Council allocation of the council tax is not calculated to accommodate such expenses, which we envisage could be in excess of £20,000. A separate bank account has therefore been set up by the Parish Council, specifically for this campaign, the details of which are as follows:-

Account Name:  "Wolf Lodge Fighting Fund"

Sort Code:           20-06-75

Account No:        83990192

Payment by cheque can also be made and sent to:  The Clerk, Chesterton Community Centre, 2 Geminus Road, Chesterton, OX26 1BJ.

If we want to protect our tranquil and healthy village lifestyle and safeguard property values, sadly it will be up to all of us, as residents and neighbours, to contribute whatever we feel able to, in order to cover the heavy financial costs.  For example, if the majority of households were to donate £30, we could raise approximately half of the initial estimated expense. The Parish Council will also be contributing towards costs wherever it can.  The campaign has already started, so please don't delay - your donations will be gratefully received. Thank You!



GoFundMe is the world's largest free social fundraising platform and has helped raised vast sums of money for people/groups and causes they care about.  To help support the Chesterton Parish Council Action Group meet and hopefully exceed their initial target of £20,000 to STOP this development. Your generous donations will help pay for publicity and merchandising costs, technical planning advice and associated consultancy fees, so please donate by clicking on the icon below.


This is being set up as a fund raiser for The Wolf Lodge Fighting Fund and will help pay for publicity, merchandising costs, crucial technical planning advice and associated consultancy fees - all in support of the village's objection to the proposed water theme park development on the back 9 holes of Bicester Golf Club.  We have an overall target fund of £20,000 to raise.  PLEASE help and play your part by taking part in this 200 Club.

This scheme will run for 3 months at a cost of £5 per month per entry, to be paid before the first draw takes place.  Each month there will be 4 prizes: 1st prize £100, 2nd prize £50 and 3rd + 4th prizes of £25 each. 

If you would like to take part, please email your name, address and contact details to

Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!


Sat 14th September 2019, 6.45pm - Last Night of the Proms, streamed live at Chesterton Community Centre. Tickets £12 (includes

                                                             fish and chip supper).  Bar available. Tel: 01869 250995 or 01869 243477.  

Mon 16th September 2019             -  Charity Golf Day, Magnolia Park. Email: for more details/tickets.

Fri 20th September 2019, 7pm       -  Film Night "Four Weddings & a Funeral" at Chesterton Community Centre. Tickets £10 (includes

                                                              film and a sausage in a roll).  Bar open! Email: for tickets.


We now have some great car window stickers available, to help really start spreading the message on our travels. At just £2.50 each, the proceeds will also help bolster our fund raising efforts to cover the costs of further, more visible merchandising (ie, banners, posters etc). So please purchase one or two, and help 'KEEP THE WOLF FROM THE DOOR, by emailing Candy at  Thank you.

       Please click on this flyer icon to understand a little more about the

      negative effects that Great Wolf Lodge would have on the village 

      of Chesterton, its residents, neighbouring villages and the golf club,

      despite their misleading comments!

DIARY NOTE!                                            DIARY NOTE!                                            DIARY NOTE!

The second round of Great Wolf Resorts consultation exhibitions will be taking place during the last few days of September as follows:-

Thursday, 26th September  - Chesterton Hotel, Golf & Spa - 4-7pm

Friday, 27th September       - John Paul II Centre, Bicester - 4-7pm

Saturday, 28th September   - John Paul II Centre, Bicester - 9.30am-2pm


Please make a note in your diaries, to go along and find out first hand about the latest revisions to their plans!  We understand they will look to lodge their formal application with CDC sometime during October 2019.

PRESS NOTICE  - Issued 25th September 2019


Please click on the icon below for further details of the meeting. We hope to see you there! Thank You.



Please click on the link below to learn more about our vital Objection Letter Writing Plan.


Please find below the prompt sheet  to help you create your objection letter to Cherwell District Council. There are several ways to do this as explained on the front instruction page (letter document or email Cherwell Planning Dept directly).  If you would prefer the Parish Clerk to submit your letter, then please email it in pdf format to 


If, for whatever reason, you are unable to compose your own letter, please email the clerk who will email you a standard letter that you can date, add your address and sign.  There is also a box  at the bottom of the letter for you to add any extra comments you may want to include.  Naturally, an original letter is more influential than a standard one, but we appreciate this is not always possible.  Again, you can choose to submit this to the Cherwell Planning portal yourself (using the instructions given on the prompt sheet) or email it back to the Clerk.  


There is also a petition which people are encouraged to download and gain as many signatures as possible from work colleagues, family, sports clubs, societies etc. These will need to be returned to the Clerk preferably by end December, either by email or in paper format via the grey letterbox at Chesterton Community Centre, 2 Geminus Road, Chesterton OX26 1BJ.

Thank you for your support.



Please don't be misled by the response deadline date which appears on the CDC Planning Portal.  Apparently, this date is electronically generated and cannot be manually altered.  However, we are assured by the case officer that objection letters, emails and petitions will be accepted up until the day the Planning Committee actually sit.  This date is currently estimated to be around the end of March.  However, due to the number and length of responses (statutory and otherwise) and the requirement for some re-consultations, the exact date is not yet known.  So please do keep your objections flooding in as they have been.  Thank You.


Chesterton Parish Council's Official Objection and the Executive Summary have been circulated to every Cherwell District Councillor for their information, and also to other key representatives such as Victoria Prentis and both Bicester and Banbury Chambers of Commerce.

CDC have now set the date for Planning Committee to decide on Great Wolf Resorts' application.  It will take place on Thursday, 12th March 2020 at 4pm at Bodicote.  Please click on the link below to see the agenda and their report recommending  REFUSAL (page 33 onwards)

It is vital that we urgently contact (most likely email due to timescale) every Councillor on the Planning Committee, as several are not local, but still have a crucial vote.  They may feel less inclined to refuse a development which isn't 'in their back yard' but may also have a lesser understanding of the local issues and the strength of our objection to the proposal.  So please take the time, by Wednesday 11th March to send them all your objection letters, by clicking on the link below. This is the last step we can take to try to ensure the right decision is reached at the meeting.



We must also show a strong presence at the meeting.  A leading Planning Barrister has recommended from experience that a show of 500+ residents from affected and surrounding villages will prove to be a very effective reminder to the Committee of just how much their constituents/voters should not have to permanently suffer the injustice of this major development in their village lives.  So please make every effort to be there from 3.30pm onwards to remind them visually of the strength of our objection.

Thank you, once again, for your efforts and your continued support at this final but crucial stage of the process!

Chesterton Parish Council, Oxfordshire

The Community Centre, 2 Geminus Road, Chesterton, Oxon, OX26 1BJ. Tel: 01869 323506 (landline) or 07935 221885 (Clerk)

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