Chesterton Parish Council

Parish Councillor Details

Philip Clarke, Chair -  

- Finance (Chair), Planning, Highways, Staffing, Complaints, Burnehyll Woodland Group

Fiona Rowe, Vice Chair - 

- Finance, Planning, Community (Chair), Allotments, Highways, Pavilion/Playing Fields, Staffing, Complaints

Jenny Hodges -

- Planning (Chair), Allotments, Welcome Co-ordinator

Andrew Thomas -

- Finance (Vice Chair), Planning, Community

Tony Thompson -

- Finance, Community, Burenhyll Woodland Group

Mike White, Finance Officer/RFO -

- Finance

Jackie Williams, Clerk - Tel:  07935 221885

Parish Council Monthly Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Minutes 2017-2018

Minutes 2018-2019

Agendas 2019-2020

Minutes 2019-2020

Agendas 2020-21

Minutes 2020-21

Method of Operation During Period of Covid-19 Lock Down 


A Designated Committee comprising the Chair (Philip Clarke), Vice Chair (Fiona Rowe), Cllr Andrew Thomas, Mike White (Finance Officer) and the Clerk was formed with unanimous full Parish Council approval to operate at a reduced level making decisions on basic or urgent matters on behalf of the full Parish Council during the period of Covid-19 enforced lock down conditions.  It was agreed that a weekly meeting (or as deemed necessary) should be held remotely via 'Teams', already available within the Microsoft 365 package in use.  The agendas and minutes of these meetings will be published on the four village noticeboards and this website for public viewing.  Any urgent public items for a future agenda will be considered for inclusion by the Designated Committee.

The Parish Council resumed operation as a full Parish Council with effect from the 2nd June 2020 Parish Council Meeting held via Zoom.  All future meetings will be held via Zoom until further notice.

Chesterton Parish Council, Oxfordshire

The Community Centre, 2 Geminus Road, Chesterton, Oxon, OX26 1BJ. Tel: 01869 323506 (landline) or 07935 221885 (Clerk)

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